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What is myON?

Q and A page for the families of Slingluff Elementary Readers


Q: What is myOn Reader?

MyOn Reader is an on-line digital library from Capstone books. Our students have access to over 6,000 books online anytime, anywhere! These books are in full color and the students may choose to have them read to them or read them alone. The students have taken an interest inventory and a brief quiz to determine which books are just right for them. Each student has their own personal library available 24/7!

Q: How does my student access myOn?

The students can access MyOn from any computer or Smartphone. The website is The student then types in the name of our school, their username and password. 

Q: Can myOn be used for the student’s AR reading log?

Absolutely! Students are required to write books read and tested on in their AR reading log. Students will simply read a book online with myON, then log into AR and test on the book!

Q: What are some other features of myOn?

Once the students have logged into MyOn, you will also have access to their account (upper right hand corner).  In the student account, you may view the students current Lexile level, books read, testing information on each book, and view a projected growth chart for the student. NO MORE WONDERING HOW YOUR STUDENT IS DOING WITH INDEPENDENT READING!

Q: What are the levels of books on myOn?

The books range from a Kindergarten level up to 8th grade.

Q: Is there fiction and nonfiction books?

Yes, MyOn has a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles.

Q: Do the classroom teachers use myOn at school?

Yes, as much as possible. But MyOn is another way for students to read away from school without having to worry about keeping up with books. Research has shown, the more a student reads, the better reader they will become!

Q: How does myOn track student progress?

After the student reads 5 books, MyOn will give the student a short benchmark test to measure reading growth. This growth is then reflected on the student’s Lexile (reading text) level and book recommendations.

Q: Can the students “bookmark” where they left off in a book?

Yes, just click the “X” in the lower left hand corner before you close the book.

Q: Can students take AR tests on the myON website?

No, students will not take AR tests on this site.  Students will read a book on the MyON site, then log into AR and test on the book.

Q: What if I have more questions about myOn?

Contact your student’s homeroom teacher or Mrs. Thompson, the school librarian.