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       Welcome to the Morris Slingluff Elementary Media Center

                        Where reading opens up a magical world! ‚Äč

Mission Statement

The mission of the Morris Slingluff Elementary Media Center is to encourage students to become lifelong readers and learners by providing quality literature, learning materials, and technology resources.


  • to provide a variety of reading materials in appropriate levels for all students
  • to provide check out times for students in order for them to obtain books
  • to provide assistance to students and teachers when needed
  • to provide students with opportunities to learn through the use of technology
  • to provide a variety of learning materials to teachers to use in the classroom

The Media Center Program

The MSE Media Center is open and available for daily book checkout for students and teachers. Each class also has a scheduled 30 minute weekly time period in which students attend the Media Center for a literacy lesson with the Media Specialist.

The Media Center also serves as the school's Technology HelpDesk. 


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading management program that provides motivation and accountability for students. It is a powerful tool for teachers in assessing individual student reading growth. Students are tested using the STAR (Standardized Test for Assessment of Reading) 4 times a year. This test enables the teacher to place the student in his/her appropriate reading level. Books are color coded in the media center in order to help students in choosing the appropriate reading levels. Students progress to higher levels as they read and test successfully. Accelerated Reader is a vital part of our reading curriculum at Morris Slingluff Elementary. Students are expected to read daily in order to meet goals which have been set according to their grade level or individual ability.

AR Testing

Testing may be done in the classroom, computer lab, or the media center. Students' logs must be filled out prior to taking a test. Students will have only one opportunity to take a quiz.

AR Color Code and Grade Level Equivalant

Pink Dot:              0.1-0.9
Light Green Dot:  1.0-1.4
Blue Dot:              1.5-1.9
Orange Dot:         2.0-2.4
Red Dot:              2.5-2.9
Yellow Dot:           3.0-3.4
Purple Dot:           3.5-3.9
Dark Green Dot:   4.0-4.4
Light Blue Dot:      4.5-4.9
Flor. Orange Dot:  5.0-5.4
Teal Dot:                5.5-5.9
Brown Dot:            6.0-6.4
Lime Green Dot:    6.5-6.9
Black Dot:              7+



Dothan City Schools has been chosen to participate in the ARI myON Pilot Project. myON is designed to provide a student-centered, personalized literacy environment that offers unlimited access to thousands of enhanced digital books, dynamically matched to each individual learner’s interests. myON monitors reading activity including the number of books opened or browsed, titles of books selected, how many books the student completes and the length of time the students spends reading.  Please click on the link below to see our online flyer!

For myON questions and answers, please click on "Files" at the top of this page!